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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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pink slips. . it is thursday, april 4th. i'm heather holmes, and this is bay area news at 7:00. a comment made by california attorney general harris, is creating quite a stir. he was speaking at a fund raising event when he spoke about harris. he called her brilliant, dedicated and tough, and then he praised her critical appearance. reaction on social media was also fast with harris becoming one of the top ten trends on twitter. president obama's exact words were, quote, she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country.
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harris is here. >> we reached out to harris for reaction. her office said, no comment. the president left the bay area shortly after that event in ather to know. there was no formal send off. this was a political trip to raise money for democratic candidates. ten minutes later and 20 mondays ahead of schedule. the president to and from the fundraiser was for a lunch and brunchion, those who paid thousands of dollars. >> keystone excel pipeline. it's estimated president obama raised more than three and a quarter million dollar during his bay area visit. a teenager shot by oakland
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police spoke today about the case of mistaken identity. hahappened near lafayette skwair when they received a -- square when they received a call of a robbery in a parking lot. officers located the group they believe had been in the robbery and the officer fired his weapon, grazing him in the face. >> fortunately, the 16-year-old boy was only grazed. he and his father spoke to our crew. >> he shot me in my face, and while he was still pointing the gun in me and i panicked. it hurts that somebody could shoot my son in the face and nobody is saying we're really sorry about it.
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>> now, a spokesman for the police department saided officer fired because he felt threatened. the there's people in the armed robbery are still at large. there is some sad news tonight about an off duty paramedic shot in oakland tuesday. he passed away just before 4:00 this afternoon, 34 quinn boyier, and he leaves behind -- boyer. he he was behind a wife. he was shot in the head on tuesday in keller avenue and oakland kills. the gunman got out of another vehicle. police have not discussed a motive, but it may have been a robbery attempt. no one has been arrested. a loud rally in front of uscf medical center ended in arrest this afternoon. protesters expressed out range
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over hospital pink slips. lorane is live to explain how patients can be affected >> reporter: nurses say these cuts will affect patient care. that's why they took the ral tote roadway, and -- rally to the roadway. police arrested several protesters. >> more than a dozen blocked the roadway in front of uscf medical center today to protest against the hospital elimination of hundreds of jobs. when the group refused move, officers handcuffed then of them. >> my co-workers got laid off, 300 of them. job cuts include getting rid of the hospital's lift team. nurses tell us they're essential to our team. >> we depend on them to move patients every few hours, keep them healthy that. service was slash. >> one of the nurses assistants says she has no idea how she'll pay rent.
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>> i'm crying and what happened to me, oh, no, tomorrow i have no job. >> ucsf would not comment on camera. we have carefully evaluated the impact of the affordable care act. we must make a correction if we are to maintain resources to care of for patients. >> a cancer patient said cutting staff will hinter patients. >> here, if they lay people off, people will be rushed, they'll be injured, they'll be mistakes. >> the hospital estimates that of the 300 positions cut, 75 are layoffs. the rest will come from not filling vacant positions and planted retirement. >> ktvu channel two news. the heaviest rainfall came
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before dawn today, but many areas saw down powers throughout the compute. the wet roads and standing water did cause problems for drivers. our meteorologist will let us know when more wet weather is on the way. his complete forecast coming in at 7:23. there's been another delay in a kram criminal case charged with -- in a criminal case. they postponed the hearing for garcia torres. it's been unna believe to review all the -- unable to preview all the evidence because of technical problems. the hearing has been rescheduled from today. the 15-year-old disappeared more than a year ago. her body has not been found. 33-year-old man accused of driving his car into a walmart was arraigned on 12 counts, including two of attempted murder. investigators say he crashed his are car into the walmart store
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on story road, and got out and attacked four people with a bar. >> this is not the first time he's driven into the building. the car said to be driven, shows it plowing into a gas station back in december. he's set to return to court next tuesday. he has not yet entered a plea. state official it is today, temporarily suspended the license who sideswiped the bay bridge last january. they concluded he committed misconduct allowing it to collide with the tower. he fail community katd communicate with the crew. >> he will then tomorrow if he
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will lose his license permanently. >> chevron reported repairs from last year's refinery are now complete. and then it comes to restart operations of the our our consumer editor found out, some say that's not a good idea. >> chevron told us they want to restart its crude unit. >> we were notified this week chevron was ready for us to conduct those reviews. >> assuming all the pre set inspections which is it could open as soon as tomorrow. >> with all the work done and regulatory approval in ment, can we come in? >> chevron's response, no. >> is it safe to open?
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no. >> this should have installed safe, more corrosion equipment throughout the refinery. >> a member of the governor's task force on refinery safety, the way this industry is being regulated in california needs to be rethought. >> we'll have a hearing outlining 41 other post incidents. upsets of various kinds, fire spills, shut downs and so forth. it will take place in richmond at 1:30. chevron will be questioned and there will be ample opportunity for richmond residents to sound out. the number of americans
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seeking unemployment rose to its highest level since last number. tuesday today weekly applications increased to a seasonally adjusted 385,000. the increase could be a sign that companies are starting to cut jobs, because of deep government spending cuts, but put in place by the sequester that began on march first. stocks finished slightly higher, today, the dow gained 55 today. the nasdaq rose six points. facebook today unveiled its new home software made for android smart phones. >> zucker burgs the facebook phone will enable users to connect with friend it is without going to an app. >> the most important things we do as people is stay conducted with with the people around us. home is designed to help you do
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this. >> the new htc phone will be available on april 12th. all other users can download the new facebook home that same day. a web site created by him made the rounds on the internet including a poetery section which works a a function to let people cutting on the internet. he has not confirmed he created the web site. in 1999, he was 15 years old and in high school. he was perhaps the nation's best known film critic. roger egert died today, and his heroic battle with cancer coming up next. samsung announced plans to open inside 1,400 best buy locations called samsung experience shops. the dedicated areas will feature samsung tvs, smart phones and other products, also offering tech support. they expect to open the shops by
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the end of june. now trending at, a capture caught on tv. the cal women's basketball team, the big send off today on campus. the heaviest rain has been moved out of the bay area, but still clouds in place. we'll break down chances for showers this weekend, and also when temperatures rebound warming up nicely. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ]
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. the wet weather system that moved through today got some problems in sonoma county. a treetopeled over hitting power lines and blocking the lanes of highway 116. crews were called in to cut up
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and remove the trees. a teenager girl lost in the california winderness wilderness has been found safe. they say she was dehydrated. they got lost on sunday. both are expected to survive. famed film critic, roger ebert passed away yesterday. a lot of people will remember for thumbs up or thumbs down after he announcennounced his death. he completely designed film criticism. not always did his reviews match
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up with the amount of ratings and stars that's he gave so a lot of people knew what he was saying was real and honest and he really directed it me person he thought was going to see the movie. >> they tall met? in 1975 and they hated each other. these two ended up becoming the best of friends. >> he lot portions of his jaw and the ability to speak in 2006 because of surgery. he maintained a positive attitude and resumed writing. he also community icate communicated with his fans on the internet. the movies won't be the same without roger. in chicago, ktvu channel 2 news.
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antioch school is facing a lawsuit. the parents of three autistic children claim she verbally abused her children. she alleged supervisors received reports of abuse but did nothing she taught kindergarten and first great. now trending on, a police officer was heading home from hawaii when he found himself in the middle of an airport security breach. you can see an agent chatting there with passers honolulu when a woman begins tustling with the officer. honduras police and the tsa thanked rogers for helping out.
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you can see the video under the hot topics section on our homepage. jz andy beyonce celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in cuba. >> the super star couple walked through hold havana. it makes it illegal for americans to travel for vacation. in the past artists have visited for cultural purposes. cal's women's basketball team today embarked on the last leg of what is a historic journey. for the first time, the team is going to the ncaa final 4. they were there today for the good luck rally. >> the cal band, the spirit squad and dozens of fans came
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for a morning pep rally to send the team off. the team has captured a lot attention with its exciting play and close victories. >> they're amazing. i love them so much. it's great to have a team that wins but this is a team that has so much pernlt pernlt and the fans. >> president obama and kobe bryant did, so i'm really excited. >> check check. >> her excitement continued as the team went on to a standing ovation. they played thellowiville louisville cardinals. sunday's match up is at 3:30 specific time and shown on espn. the players and the coaches seemed thrilled for the send off. >> we always want to play for the fans and the community but
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to have this send off, we can probably fly without a plane to new orleans right now. >> they want the ultimate price, the championship. >> ktvu chan 2 news. the okay land as have momentum. they won going away against the mariners thanks to a 2-run home run. recycling may soon take on mu mean nothing san francisco. the city's -- new meaning in san francisco. and the rain is gone, but for how long. the meteorologist will let us know what is expected to roll in mrap .
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. recycling in san francisco may one day be more effective. currently if you put a can or plastic bottle in the recycle tray of a public trash can, it doesn't get recycled. it goes into a landfill.
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the garbage company for the cities special recycling section on the the scan making it easier for scaff scavengers to recycle them. you said we could still be impacted by that same system? >> we still have a little bit of activity. not in the bay area but you up to the north. we have some severe weather to talk about with some thunderstorms about a half ago hour ago, we had a tornado warning. >> right now on live storm tracker, can you see the yellows and reds flaring up. these are some pretty strong thunderstorms, so that will be a factor with those popping up across northern california. back here, some cloud cover breaking up. with all the moist nur place, we have to -- moisture in place we
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have to hold on to a chance for showers partly to mostly cloudy skies. >> tomorrow, more cloud cover, and the weekend, it won't be clear, but won't be wet. we're going to have some high clouds and the chance of a pop up shower but not a wash out. we will be in the upper 40s to the low to mid 50s. vallejo starting out friday morning at 50 degrees. here's the developing weather pattern offshore in the pacific. we're going to have some area of low pressure off to the north. the organized rainfall will be from ukiya, to euereka. >> that chance of a light sprinkle favoring the northern half of the region. >> lots of cloud cover. still more clouds throughout the afternoon hours by 2:00, 3:00,
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and 4:00. >> close enough to warrant the chance of a sprinkle or light shower. once again on sunday, we could be tracking a sprinkle or two by sunday afternoon. these are all minor deals. >> temperatures for tomorrow, maxing out in the upper 50s to upper 60s for afternoon highs. really not a big change from today. san jose 66, san mat eshgs o. >> we do have some rain clouds coming up over the next few days. we'll have more on that but we have a chance of a few spring arels. >> and here's that five-day, chance of sprinkles by sunday. san francisco of craft and seen, reopens to the ubl on saturday -- craft and design. the museum opens on sunday. it has been closed since 2010, and while it searches for a new location, it interacts with the public by using pop up exhibits.
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>> by the way, located in the american industrial center believe on third street in the city's -- third street in the industrial building. we're looking into a surge in petty crimes, the story coming up at 10:00, have a great night.
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